Ether Care

Best care suite for ACOs

Better care, better incentives

Value based care gave rise to a derivative of clinical entity called accountable care organisations or ACOs where entities like Payers, Providers, Diagnostic chains come together with two objectives.

  • Provide high quality co-ordinated care to their patients
  • Reduce overall care cost for Payers
  • Earn incentives and avoid penalties on business front

Every ACOs is given a fix budget to provide value based care to Patients. The catch is, if they could reduce patient cost of care, they can save a cut from budget which is there incentive. If not, its a loss for ACOs. And hence they wanted to digitize the overall process of risk assessments to improve predictions and provide quality care for patients.

Hospitals can care for patients within four walls. How to enable them to offer care beyond four walls? Its through Patient Engagement & Care- coordination system. We simplified Patient on-boarding, stratification & care plan enrolling for Ether Care so that they can effectively track patient’s health related activities, medication and overall adherence to care.

Regal Healthcare
Roles & Responsibilities
  • Research
  • Interaction & Visuals
  • Prototyping & Guerilla Testing
  • Care Coaches
  • Care Managers
  • Medical Coders
  • Web (Portal)
  • Tab (Native App)
  • Mobile (Native App)

Ethercare Ecosystem

Ethercare has literally super charged our patient engagement streaks. May it be closing care gaps in right context or staying on top of patient's health events. Its all a breeze.

Druva MajorRegal

Enable care agents onboard patients

Care-coordinators will onboard existing patients by uploading continuity care docs of patients


Onboard Patients

Import patients health profile by uploading patient's CCDs to Ethercare web portal

Stratifying Profiles

The uploaded data will then be sorted based on Risk assessment score

Invite Patients

Invite patients to join the care journey via patient app

Care Dashboard

Dashboard helps users to identify patients with abnormal conditions, awaiting care plan enrollment and gives insights into a ACO operations snapshot

Stay looped in patient's events and activity track

A clear cut separation of patient tasks to track the integral tracking elements like medication intake, exercise track, RAF score etc.

Attention. At a glance.

The Ethercare mobile app helps patient report activities or auto reports the abnormalities that needs care-coordinators assistance

Control centre for care

The system translated care plan provider by providers into actionable, glance-able, interactive elements and allows a quick snap shot of routine.

Patient Engagement

More than 80% patient reported health events regularly

Patient Adherence

More than 60% patients felt more cared and adhered to the care plan

Cost to care

On an average, ACO saw improvisation in RAF score and thereby their incentives.

Building the care design system

We came up with glance able widgets to customize the experience which could be called in in right context.

Tablet experience to offer care on the move

Patient & watch app

Helps patient report any uncomfortable event and act on patient adherence