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Virtual talent evaluation for film industry

Hire Remotely, Beyond Boundaries

Indian film industry was established in 1930s and very less has changed in terms of talent hiring for mainstream projects. But today, due to open internet, work opportunities aren’t limited to only few know production houses. The power centers are shifted in hands of social influencers, independent content makers & OTT content platforms.

While there is an ocean of talent in India, there aren’t advanced and authentic platforms that does justice to real artists. And hence ProStar was launched to give such artists a more realistic push by connecting them with mainstream acting or modeling projects, authentic film makers and casting directors.

With Covid-19 lock down, film industry casting came to stand still. In such cases, India needed an efficient virtual casting platform. Prostar Red took it upon themselves to change the way castings are done in lock down through virtual platforms. It also enabled remote collaboration between casting team, talent agencies. In tough times, Prostar Red delivered on the need of an hour – a collaborative, virtual, talent evaluation platform.

Prostar Red
Roles & Responsibilities
  • Research
  • Interaction & Visuals
  • Prototyping & Guerilla Testing
  • Casting Directors
  • Actors & Models
  • Talent Agents
  • Responsive Web (Portal)
  • Mobile (Native App)

Prostar Red Ecosystem


Artist app

Where talents can find great opportunity and send their auditions from anywhere

Recruiters App

Where celebrated casting directors can schedule virtual auditions for talents around the world.

Artist Manager

The inhouse talent screening and onboarding app made for Prostar admins

“Online casting/auditions will reduce the stress young actors face. It will also benefit the industry as it will lead to greater discovery of talent”

Siddhart Anand KumarVP, SareGama

Project Stats


Reducting in Casting Budget


Talent reach


Budget savings for artists

For artist management team

This is the central engine of all artist data and has screening featured. The artist approval, profile management, bulk communication all happens here.

For Artists

Audition from home, office or anywhere. Travel only when selected for next round. Save time, money & energy.

For Recruiters

Audition from home, office or anywhere. Travel only when selected for next round. Save time, money & energy.