Pediatric Care Experience for Parents

For new & experienced parents

First pregnancies are taxing on parents, both physically and mentally. A guide that can point you in right direction is blessing. Helyxon took it upon their shoulders to solve this problem and make baby-mother relation more fun, nurturing and comfortable.

App comes with a fever tracking miniature wearable called Thermy. If baby is unwell and has fever, then Thermy can strapped on baby arm and it records the fever graphs. Along with that app allows many more features like tracking baby growth as per WHO norms, feeding well, tracking sleep, meds, vaccines etc.

Helyxon wanted to build a bubbly, engaging pediatric care app that works with Thermy – their fever tracking wearable. Thermy helps parents track fever graphs of their baby along with other baby chores like reminder to feed the baby, change diaper, vaccinations etc

Helyxon Technologies
Roles & Responsibilities
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  • Interaction & Visuals
  • Prototyping & Guerilla Testing
  • Parents
  • Care takers
  • Mobile (Native App)

Greeting the mother

At the first start of app, it greets mother with delightful introduction of its capabilities and sets expectations right with her.

It introduces its Swiss knife features to the user
App allows host of sign up options like TrueCaller, Google etc. Although, given that this app will held lot of healthcare data, we encourage users to have an independent account for oneself.

First things first

When user opens the app and unboxes Thermy, the app automatically looks up for Thermy and seamlessly connects with it.

App auto detects Thermy and attempts to connect.
Once Thermy is connected and placed on baby, it immediately starts emitting fever graphs which are displayed on the app

A bubbly welcome & we get started

App starts with basic questions like details of baby and relationship of account creator with baby. And with a bubbly ballony welcome, we get started on journey of digital parent hood.

Getting started with baby details
It may not always be mother who sign up. So its essential to define the relationship here.
Intermittent survey helps mother get insights on things to pay attention to as well as helps drive the care algorithms in backend.
Emergency call to care team
Health timeline of baby which gives a timeline view of health events captured with baby
A cute baby dashboard which highlights all essentials
Action bar that lets user note baby events

Building the re-usable care blocks

We created widgets that covers multitude of baby attributes in form of central library which can be re-used across the apps.

Displays summary of last 24 hours
Displays fever graphs from multiple Thermy wearable along with noted baby symptoms
Milk consumption chart for the baby
Its essential to measure skin-to-skin contact between mother and preterm or low weight baby. KMC was found helpful in stabilising baby’s heart rate as well as oxygen saturation levels
Sleep patterns of the baby
Noting baby symptoms for pattern analysis
Any recent milestone like Baby’s first steps. Helps us stratify baby data and compare with similar others to generate some recommendations
Diaper changes pattern helps us identify if there is anything wrong with baby’s digestion
Extracurricular activities performed with baby that may help in overall child development
Indicates the growth rate of baby with respect to WHO chart
The action bar that allows mother to note baby related events

The delight and minimalism brought to the table through such a sophisticated means started a great story for our product success. Truely amazed working with Zero Studio

SriHelyxon Product Management

Noting events made fun

Noting events like feeding time & pattern, diaper change pattern helps us recommend better practices to nurture the maternal relationship with baby and hence we made it delightful and engaging for mother who take a note of these baby events.

Helps the app to indentify feeding patterns
This makes recording feeding time easier with an inbuilt timer
If Thermy isn’t available, users have option to manually enter the sleep data
Diaper patterns vs feeding pattern helps care algorithm to predict baby’s digestive health
Memories are very personal and vital to nurture mother-baby relationship. Mom can simply take a photo of baby smiling for first time and save it forever

Sneak peak into every little detail

The app maintains timeline of baby events recorded so far which could be very helpful in predictive modeling for better pediatric care over the time.

Building trust with communities

Pregnancies are taxing. Physically as well as mentally. Especially for first time parents. Access to experience rich and good hearted community could soften the blow. It allows fellow mother share their experiences and help each other when needed.

The community has 3 pillars – Polls, Direct Question & Updates
Looking for popular opinions? Shoot a poll
Looking for specific answers? Shoot a specific question
Good things are meant to be shared, including that good news

Reports, Sharing & Interoperability

If doctor request for a specific baby data, its very simple to filter it out and share it via a PDF or excel document.

Setting up micro-ecommerce

Along with Thermy, Helxyon offered various other products to its users. So we made it possible for users to purchase the products with a simple eCom experience. Nothing fancy. Just choose the product, make payment and get it delivered.

A micro Helyxon store where user’s could buy other wearable to track feeding, sleep etc
Short and sweet introduction to product profile
Basic order tracking experience. Nothing fancy.
Patient wallet to pay at any in-network clinics

Measuring ROI

With new update, mother’s displayed better engagement. The overall onboarding abandonment reduced significantly. The average time user spent on product increase 3x. The overall engaging and delightful product helped reduce the CAC and thereby added to a significant savings on marketing as well.


Increase in User Engagement


Increase in average active users


Reduction in registration abandonment