Improve medication adherence

Family nudge is more powerful than app reminders

It’s proven that having a care team can improvise patient’s overall medication adherence, especially if your family member is part of that. They act as a support system as well as a push for you to care better.

At Carebell, family is looped in as a support system to inspire you as well as watchers who have access to your medication adherence based on your approval.

Patients are not necessarily consistent with their medication consumption. In our culture, care is deep rooted in love. We care better for our family than ourselves. Carebell is conceptualized around this mutual love & social care phenomenon where the medication adherence is accessible to patient’s family members. Patient may or may not act on notifications, but they would definitely act when they know their family is watching or receives a poke or reminder

Roles & Responsibilities
  • Research
  • Interaction & Visuals
  • Prototyping & Guerilla Testing
  • Patients
  • Care takers
  • Family Members
  • Mobile (Native App)

Say hello to Carebell

We gave Carebell a dusty organic vibe which makes it very friendly and warm for our users i.e patients. We divided onboarding in two phases – Getting on Board & Building the day schedule. The on-boarding flow is kept minimal, a simple mobile number validation

Our goal is not to just to remind you to take right medications at right time, but also to eventually take you off it and set you free.

Building patient profile

This helps us understand patient demographics as well as any health conditions patient is suffering from. This context helps us tailor the care algorithm which eventually generate medication reminders. e.g a chronic condition like Diabetes Mellitus would need a consistent care and more stringent reminders than a condition like Thyroid.

The care routine for diabetics may be different from asthama patients and this screen helps the intelligence refine the care algorithms
The age factor helps the intelligence to alert patient is he is taking dosages or medications that are not meant for his age group

Carebell has literally striked a chord. Involving family in medicine matters has worked in improving my medication adherence. I hardly miss the dose.

Niket Pradhan45, Male

Getting sense of Patient's day

To build a more customized or personalized medication schedule, its essential to understand the day in life of patient. It helps us give more personalized reminders e.g if patient sleeps at 10 PM, then generally the dinner time may be 2 hours before. Such determinants helps us build a better experience for patient and thereby better medical adherence.

Understanding patient’s day. Creating routine around this schedule would help patient adhere to medications better.
Inviting family members who could track whether patient has taken medications or missed any. They will also act as a care team who will have access to medication consumption reports of patient. As a family member, they can poke, message and encourage patient to stay on track with medication routine.
Sharing medication adherence report with care team which could be combination of healthcare experts as well as family members.

Better Response to medication

The personalized schedules made the overall medication schedule practical and hence we saw more than 80% patients acted upon notifications

Snapshot of all medications

This layout is amalgamation of Patient’s day schedule & his medication prescription. Its a glance-able view that offers a clear color coded view of medications for easy tablet identification.

Your family members can poke you to stay on track
List of your care team watchers
Quick snapshot of your medications for the day
Bulk actions to mark all medications as either skipped or taken
You can mute the reminders for a day or two with a simple tap
Rewards and recognition to encourage patients for their good medication adherence

Adding new medications to the list

We created this view keeping 2 personas in mind. One who wants to enter bare minimum details of medications. And other one is advanced view where patient needs all the relevant details to be added and accessible all the time.

Simple medication reminder for Persona 1 : I wish to simply add bare minimum medication details as reminder. I anyways remember all other details associated with my medication
Advanced medication reminder for Persona 2 : I have hard time remembering all the medication and its details. So I let my son or daughter add all the necessary details. It also helps me share it with doctor without missing the essentials.
Most of the times, multiple medication in a prescription follows same routine. In such cases, being able to copy prescription comes in as a handy.
Setting photos of medication strips helps in easy identification of medication from the box

Adherence, family sharing & behavioral insights

When care team is added to your profile, they will be able to see shared insights from Carebell regarding your medical consumption. It offers monthly adherence chart which can be shared with your providers as well as family members.

Analytics accessible to patient as well as care team
List of people to whom your reports are accesible
Patient education materials to give some basic information about the medication
Regularity index visible to your care team
Patients leaderboard, list of all medications and a mini ecommerce store
Regularity reports available in trend as well as list form